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May 2020

Who says you can’t be creative at work?

As a writer, it is my job to tell stories. Whether those stories involve heroes, villains or calls to action depends on the brief.

In the case of the latter, it’s often a good idea to park the quirk, flair and stick to a well-signposted road. After all, you don’t rock the gravy boat.

Sometimes though, you come across a disrupter, an auteur or a visionary and truth be told I am fortunate that this happens to be more often than most.

When I come across one of these mould-breaking rocketeers I know that the project is going to be fun. When I met Phillippa, I knew I was in for an adventure and while there would, of course, still be the old Call To Action, I knew the rest of the story was going to rock too.

Presenting one of my recent favourite projects.

Duvet Hog

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hello 2020… now can you please behave…


When you write for a living, as I am fortunate enough to do, your own writing so often takes a back seat.


That’s as much of an excuse as I’m going to allow myself for being crap at updating my own website.


I’m not even going to attempt to catalogue what I’ve been up to… although I reserve the right to come back and amend that.


I will say that thanks to my own successful Kickstarter campaign, (well, I’d written enough for other people…) I now have my own book. Technically it’s an anthology, but I did write about half of it. Also, I finally have an Amazon Author Page.

Anyhoo, you can now get a copy of my book…

red queren cover 2

I’ll write more later… maybe

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