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UNIVERSE The Comicbook coming soon!

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One of the projects I am proudest to be involved in is Universe.

Universe is a classic Golden Age style Super Hero story about a full powered African American super hero.

Our hero is Anthony Russell, an Ivy League student and young astronaut whose spaceship malfunctions during its maiden flight.

Back home he is presumed dead, but his craft drifts into a mysterious nebula where he is cocooned and bombarded by Dark Matter.

I can’t say more than that at the moment, but the project is nearly ready for launch and prior to that we’ve started building up the social media… So come and like us on Facebook…





An Award Winning Film for Which I Wrote the Screenplay

Something fine for being long over due…

You’d think, having taken almost two years to reclaim my website password from the guardians of the internet, that I’d have made more effort to update said website…

but who asked you anyway…


Still, here’s what you missed.


I helped this happen… I  wrote the pitch, the script, did some editing, consulted, promoted and gave high fives all through the campaign…


I also helped these guys…

I wrote this… (and there’s a whole lot more to come…)

universe sample lettering

I  also wrote a film script, loads of blogs, more content than you can count and all sorts of written sparkle… and some MEMES…

Speaking of blogs, here’s one I did earlier…


Oh and this…



I’ll write more soon… well, I might…

Watch “A little sample of one of my tunes” on YouTube it’s a slow burner, but I am happy with the way it came out

Fires I helped to start…


No not real fires… we’re talking  about spiritual, metaphorical and technological fires… In other words crowd funding projects.

Here are some in which I have played a part.

Cinder was my  first success had it been up to the PR firm the company had hired Cinder would have been called Curve and probably lost forever in the Search Engine Jungle… I  came up with the name, the pitch, the video concept and even the script…

Efoldie is a great invention; I  worked a lot on the project and wrote a lot of the copy on the website. The Kickstarter above was cancelled, but only because the government made a u-turn on their promise not to tax the vehicle as a mobility aid. It later went on to smash over £100k on another crowd funding site.

I love the Aura Visor and it should be delivered any day  now. I had a hand in the name and the campaign and I can’t wait to see the finished version.



A Long Long Time Ago on a Website Far Far Away…


So I’ve rescued my password from Microsoft and WordPress and finally managed to kick in the back door of this my personal website.

Many updates will follow… but before all that I think it’s high time I linked this little site to my Freelance Profile.


Here’s a little something I did


I loved this job and I hope I’ll be doing some more for More Case.

chicken leg

Social Media I Should Have Shouted About Earlier

Sure I write… I’m a good writer, but that’s just the tip of the icing. I also create captions, spin yarns, yodel and noodle, I entice and enthuse, lampoon and amuse and basically I put words in the best sort of order… Below are just some of the Social Media Campaigns and pages I have created, or spun or just dabbled in… the portion below is just the frosting there are hundreds more…




Magic is… Working with Wildlife Photographer Chris Weston


One of my favourite jobs ever was creating engaging and emotive text for this incredible website. All images are the property of

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