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Watch “A little sample of one of my tunes” on YouTube it’s a slow burner, but I am happy with the way it came out

Fires I helped to start…


No not real fires… we’re talking  about spiritual, metaphorical and technological fires… In other words crowd funding projects.

Here are some in which I have played a part.

Cinder was my  first success had it been up to the PR firm the company had hired Cinder would have been called Curve and probably lost forever in the Search Engine Jungle… I  came up with the name, the pitch, the video concept and even the script…

Efoldie is a great invention; I  worked a lot on the project and wrote a lot of the copy on the website. The Kickstarter above was cancelled, but only because the government made a u-turn on their promise not to tax the vehicle as a mobility aid. It later went on to smash over £100k on another crowd funding site.

I love the Aura Visor and it should be delivered any day  now. I had a hand in the name and the campaign and I can’t wait to see the finished version.



A Long Long Time Ago on a Website Far Far Away…


So I’ve rescued my password from Microsoft and WordPress and finally managed to kick in the back door of this my personal website.

Many updates will follow… but before all that I think it’s high time I linked this little site to my Freelance Profile.


Here’s a little something I did


I loved this job and I hope I’ll be doing some more for More Case.

chicken leg

Social Media I Should Have Shouted About Earlier

Sure I write… I’m a good writer, but that’s just the tip of the icing. I also create captions, spin yarns, yodel and noodle, I entice and enthuse, lampoon and amuse and basically I put words in the best sort of order… Below are just some of the Social Media Campaigns and pages I have created, or spun or just dabbled in… the portion below is just the frosting there are hundreds more…




Magic is… Working with Wildlife Photographer Chris Weston


One of my favourite jobs ever was creating engaging and emotive text for this incredible website. All images are the property of

My own column at last

Slightly Mad uncles Jacques
Advice from the sarcastic and insane is hard to ignore

This is Slightly Mad Uncles Jacques (aka me)

You can read his words of wisdom

The brief was to write something witty and informative and well they loved the first one and commissioned a series…

Why Me?

So you need a writer? Well before you go rushing off to the intern… I’d like a word in your shell like…

Ask yourself what is the purpose? What am I trying to achieve? Why should I choose Neil D Campbell and what’s his angle?

Well… since you asked, here are some approaches we could take…

Emotive – Do you need text that puts your readers on a talcum powder beach and, while they enjoy that corn flour feeling between their toes, slaps a mojito down in front of them so minty they’ll feel like they’ve just brushed their teeth?

The Sound of Inevitability  – We all know this one, it’s the first five minutes of Casualty. There’s a bucket of ice water on the side of the path by the electric fence. There’s a spooked horse on the tow path and a child on their shiny new red bike.  Some how they’re going to collide, but when and how?  Well settle down and clunk click.

Tales of the Unexpected – You know something’s wrong with Denmark and the more you read the more twisted things get. Did you miss a clue and then suddenly when you think you’ve got it in the bag… Blam! Killer Squirrels!

Metaphor Shower – It’s subtle like a slice of lemon in your glass of cola. But the more you drink the closer you get to the twang and before you know it… you knew it all along,

Simply Marvellous Marketing – Power packed no holds barred astonishing punches thrown with precision and perfect planning.  Welcome to the wonderful colourful world of comic book text, where only the strongest Adjectives survive. And Whammy! You’ve got the girl add saved the world.

The Long Haul – sometimes there ain’t any easy way out.  Occasionally you know that you’ll need to keep your readers engaged for the duration. Perhaps it’s more A to Z than A to B. If there is no short cuts then You’ll need someone who can keep the snare tight and the bait sweet did I ever tell you about The Dark Design?

I am a writer of all trades and to date I have enjoyed a career as a travel writer, a published songwriter, I’ve written a 117k word novel, a ton of blurbs for websites,  articles for loads of publications , geek chic blog and even a rock opera… So basically, if you want something written and written well then I am your man.

The Dark Design


A word about The Dark Design..

We all have our passions, we all have our secrets and The Dark design is both of mine…

How and why it all started is a book of its own, but I can tell you what it is…

The Dark Design is basically a non-linear rock-opera, I’d call it a musical, if I didn’t hate musicals so much.

You can make up your own mind here and follow the story as the plot thickens and the design darkens…


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