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Here’s a little something I did


I loved this job and I hope I’ll be doing some more for More Case.

chicken leg


Long Overdue Update…

I am a freelancer, my roles and skills are many and varied and no two days are ever Groundhog Day.

Updating this site, sadly isn’t my one of my strong points so… in a bid to amend that, I am going to do a bit of catching up…

Firstly I have begun specialising in writing crowd funding pitches. I written about 20 now and they are a bit like snowflakes… no two are alike, some may vanish before the morning and others might be the start of a great avalanche.

Anyway I’ve caused two avalanches this week and I’m feeling a little bit tickled about it.

One of them is wrapped up in a 8 page NDA, but the other is here and as of this moment has just hit 57% funding in under 5 days…

I  wrote the campaign, came up with the name, the tagline, the video concept and I even wrote the video script. I wish them best of luck and I’m confident they will smash their target. (EDIT… they DID beating it by 200%)

The other (which I can’t name) netted its commissioners 2 meetings with world leading angel investors a day after they submitted and their future is looking peachy keen.

In other news, I have been working with Lewes based Specialist Language Courses on their medical based language course as producer and engineer. This time I take no credit for the writing, but merely the directing, recording and editing of course elements and of course the audio for the video which you can see here… (well I did the voiceovers at any rate)

The other bit of news this weeks was my Sci Fi fashion guide is finally in print in the wonderful Space  Monsters Magazine… here I am proudly clutching my copy.


You can get your paws on one here!

I have also wandered into the world of memes and I shall be presenting them sporadically.

And I promise I will be better at updating my website…

And today is a day for Memes… I commissioned the first two and created the last  two enjoy…


The-Screampiccard buttonfrench meme

Social Media I Should Have Shouted About Earlier

Sure I write… I’m a good writer, but that’s just the tip of the icing. I also create captions, spin yarns, yodel and noodle, I entice and enthuse, lampoon and amuse and basically I put words in the best sort of order… Below are just some of the Social Media Campaigns and pages I have created, or spun or just dabbled in… the portion below is just the frosting there are hundreds more…




Magic is… Working with Wildlife Photographer Chris Weston


One of my favourite jobs ever was creating engaging and emotive text for this incredible website. All images are the property of

Trade In Detectives…

Another Alter Ego
The Formidable Detective Maxwell

So here’s a new coup…

I am very pleased to present my latest work… The voice of Trade-in Detective Maxwell. This was a great fun project and I can’t wait to blow the old trumpet about it, but I believe there is a wee bit of an embargo on the website… so until they go fully public so all I can tell you right now is it’s going to raise some eyebrows… So if you’ve never read a website’s Terms and Conditions before, then I firmly recommend you start with these…

I’ll cut the cloak and dagger act as soon as I can…

So the Webite has gone live… Please have a look at…

My own column at last

Slightly Mad uncles Jacques
Advice from the sarcastic and insane is hard to ignore

This is Slightly Mad Uncles Jacques (aka me)

You can read his words of wisdom

The brief was to write something witty and informative and well they loved the first one and commissioned a series…

How fast are Clichés?

Faster than a speeding bullet? Do they spread like Wildfire?


I suppose it took some time once, as the phrase seeped from page to page and then from mouth to mouth…

Nowadays, what was witty in the morning can be passé by the end of the day…

I hate clichés and when the planet is mine their deaths will be quirky and helpful with a twst of melon.

We’re heading for a bad spell – The Rise of The Typo


There was a time when making the front page really took something. I mean sure Jimmy The tap Dancing Squirrel might have had a look in on the slower of news days, but for the rest of us it would take something spectacular to make the headlines. Saving lives perhaps or more likely taking them, war, plague, and the other two horsemen would generally be enough and these days being Simon Cowell seems to count too.

Of course the front page that matters has changed and so too has the rite of ascension.  It’s no longer the front of the broadsheets and tabloid that we covet it’s the front page of Google that matters now and to claim your place in the highest ranks of the hallowed search engines you have to be clever.

Take the word internet, it only takes search engine royalty Google 0.15 seconds to find over 6,580,000,000 references…However misspell it, even by a fraction, and the odds may surprise you… Try Intrenet for example and Google will find just 620,000 and it has to think about it. Curiously it doesn’t even ask me if I meant the other word, it seems to know.

So what does it mean? Well it used to annoy me when bands misspelt their names or went all street and urban with Phat dis and sic that… but now it seems in the future we’ll all be at it…

I’m terrible for typos, only today I sent a nid to a friend and I am constantly saying sory for my typoing. But the real truth of it is we’re just more casual about our writing on the internet I mean FFS in my humble opinion we’re too busy laughing out loud to pay attention to spelling and even grammar.

The dyslexic in me rejoices a little at the thought of people unashamedly communicating without fear of either, but I also know that if there is to be a use for the typo, then the people who’ll use it most are the same folks that always find a use for such things first.  The marketing men…Soon my glitchy spelling and creative grammar could be the difference between page one and page five on Google and in the future that difference could be everything.  Let’s be honest we’re not known for our patience, in fact I’ll wager good money I don’t have, that somewhere on Google there’s stats from some psychologist or marketing mage to explain how many of you I have already lost by this paragraph.

I have no idea where we go from here but I predict that the typos that we were once so terrified about are not only going to be forgiven, one day they are going to be essential…

So enjoy what we have… before the AD men open their bottles of Shampain and tuck into their CavyR.

My first top ten…

I created this using my alter ego Gordon Vader… He’s a great resource when I want to say things that I shouldn’t, can’t, or am just worried about getting sued over…


In many ways Gordon Vader is my Ventriloquists Dummy… He talks and says outrageous stuff and I keep my lips shut and get away with murder…

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