As a writer, there are numerous examples of my work out there in both the real world and the digital

I am an experienced Crowdfunding consultant and have penned many successful campaigns. From VR headsets to Children’s Books, I  have assisted aspiring start-ups and established players in raising six figure sums.

I am a gifted blogger, much of my work has achieved viral reach and although I don’t always see the figures, I have one client who recently let slip that my work has been seen as many as half a miilion unique users.

This website is more personal than most copywriter’s or freelancer’s portfolio, but don’t let that fool you into thinking I am not a pro. If you’d like to see my pro portfolio just ask… If you are reading this it’s probably because I like you… or you are very very good at Google.

I’ve written love letters, sales pages, long form and short-hand. I am  NTCJ trained but I have a mind of my own. I’ve penned short films and sitcoms, video game stories and comic book dialogue and I am ace at my job.