My work is all over the internet.


As a Screenwriter, my first short film Roof was nominated for the Best Short Original Screenplay and Jury’s Prize at the 2018 London International Film Festival and it also helped its director pick up the 2018 ITV Visions Film of the Year Award.

My second Screenplay, a sitcom pilot was my first commission and won the attention of Hat Trick Productions. It is now in the ITV and Channel 4 reading lists at their request.

My third project is currently doing the rounds and recently won praise form a Bafta-Winning Director.


As an experienced Crowdfunding consultant I have penned many successful campaigns. From VR headsets to Children’s Books, I have assisted aspiring start-ups and established players in raising six figure sums. To date, my writing has helped raise over £1.5 Million.

I have also written for sites like and


I am a gifted blogger, much of my work has achieved viral reach and although I don’t always see the figures, I can safely say that my work has reached millions.

I am a regular contributor to

I’ve written love letters, sales pages, long form and short-hand. I am  NTCJ trained but I have a mind of my own. I’ve penned short films and sitcoms, video game stories and comic book dialogue and I am ace at my job.